Minnesota Court Forces Mother to Allow Son’s Hormone Therapy

A federal court judge turned away a Minnesota mother who was suing her teenage son, school officials, and medical professionals who were going forward with sexual reassignment hormone therapy for her son without her permission.
Ordinarily, a teenager either needs to be legally emancipated or has to have the permission of a parent to embark on a course of hormone therapy in order to transition to the opposite sex. But the Senior U.S. District Court Judge, Paul Magnuson dismissed the distraught mother’s suit, calling it ‘meritless.’
Mrs. Calgaro filed her suit last November with the aid of lawyers from the Thomas More Society. It was directed against the county’s Health and Human Services, the St. Louis County School District, St. Louis County, Park Nicollet Health Services, and Fairview Health Services.

The suit accused these parties of the usurpation of her parental rights by effecting a virtual emancipation, though no court had granted her son such status. It also challenged a Minnesota state law that grants minors access to medical procedures without having to gain their parent’s consent first. Calgaro’s son will be 18 this summer.
While the emancipation is not legal, in January the county district court had determined that the same child could not even change his name without documented parental consent. However, when the teen decided to undergo sexual reassignment hormone therapy, the legal structure of the region did everything it could to pave the way.
To make the story even more alarming, the mother was not even consulted before county health services began paying for the 17-year-old boy to start receiving hormone replacement treatments and narcotics.
Erick Kaardal, the mother’s attorney said, “On the legislative front, people on the left and on the right believed that emancipation procedures in Minnesota should be put in statutes and codified. But until then, it’s confusing and the court’s decision hasn’t cleared up that confusion.”

He added that what has been done amounted to an administrative emancipation, which was in blatant violation of the mother’s rights as a parent.
He also indicated that Mrs. Calgaro would appeal the decision. However, by the time the appeals process is complete, it will be too late to prevent the child from being permanently altered as the 17-year-old will have turned 18.
Kaardal explained, “On the judicial website, you will find the court says if you are a teenager, you may file a petition for emancipation. But here, the son did not need the petition for emancipation since the governmental agencies just treated him as if he were already emancipated. If there was an emancipation, then the mother would have received notice and would have had the opportunity to be heard. But in this case, because of the way the county, state, school district, and medical providers operated, Mrs. Calgaro does not have any right to be heard in court.”
“My constitutional civil rights have been stripped away,” Calgaro said. “If this was custody case, or if my son were being put in foster care, or if he was being referred to child protection, I would have my day in court. I am committed to what’s best for my son. As his mother, I know his needs in a way that no one else could. I was robbed of the chance to help and guide my son to make good decisions, and he was robbed of his key advocate- his mother.”
Miscarriages of the law happen every day in this country. Judges, law enforcement, and other officials are only human beings, and are prone to errors in judgment. However, in today’s political climate where sexual ambiguity is taught as a virtue, where pedophilia is being pushed as equal in normativity to homosexuality, where we are being told that men and women are biologically the same and that men can rape with their gaze – it is suspicious that a teenage boy’s sexual transitioning hormone therapy would be given the green light whereas before he couldn’t even change his name.
These events prove that unelected judicial review boards and the people who train judges to do their jobs are highly influenced by academia’s feminist, atheist, and “progressive” liberal values. We know that they favor the dissolution of the family in custody cases, that they have a solid track record of treating fathers like criminals and destroying their finances while uprooting their parental authority.
This is part of an agenda to dissolve the strength and integrity of the population, to emasculate a nation on its way to full ideological subversion- and we send our prayers to Mrs. Calgaro during the appeals process.

~ 1776 Christian

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