Family Friendly Christian Movies Set to Hit Theaters This Year

Hollywood has traditionally catered to those who lean more to the left of center, while ignoring Christians and/or conservatives entirely.

However, with recent hits like I Can Only Imagine achieving immense success, more and more people in power are realizing American families want alternatives to the typical trash shown in theaters. Thankfully, there are many family-friendly films coming out in 2018 that families can look forward to viewing together without fear of what might pop up on screen.

Below are five of the best:

Like Arrows (May 1st  and May 3rd)

This movie will be premiering in theaters for two nights alone. It follows a married couple, Alice and Charlie, who are living through the near collapse of their family unit, which leads the couple to rethink their current method of parenting. They discover that God’s blessings have been available the whole time, if only they would recognize and embrace it.

The name of the movie is derived from Psalm 127:4, which says, “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” This movie was created by FamilyLife ministries with the hope of communicating the message of God’s promise to families through the film.

Godspeed: The Race Across America (May 22)

This is a real-life documentary that will be shown for only one night. This film allows viewers a glimpse into the sometimes grueling world of extreme cycling. The documentary follows one team as they seek to achieve the nearly impossible, that being the completion of a 3,000-mile race, encompassing wastelands, mountains and deserts over the course of seven days. To achieve this task, they have to race 24 hours a day and endure devastating exhaustion as well as physical injury. Through the completion of such a task, the team doesn’t aim to seek glory for themselves. Instead, their goal is to raise awareness for orphans in Haiti.

Won’t You be My Neighbor (June 8th)

For years, the show Mister Rogers taught children empathy and life lessons, while simultaneously reaching out to them in love. It tackled difficult, sometimes painful subjects like divorce and racism, but always managed to contain a hopeful, encouraging message.

The show wouldn’t have been possible, though, without Fred Rogers himself. Though another major motion picture on Fred Rodgers’ life is currently in the works, the film Won’t You Be My Neighbor, is a simpler adaptation. The main theme of this movie is to teach that the easiest way to help a child is to show them they are loved.

Christopher Robin (August 3rd)

Many adults think fondly of Winnie The Pooh along with the rest of his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood. Conversely, they will enjoy this modern adaptation.

This movie follows now grown Christopher Robin as he struggles to maintain and live out the lessons he learned in his youth within his daily life. After all, something about growing up makes lessons one learned in youth fade away. Be aware, tissues might be necessary when viewing this look at a childhood favorite all grown up and beat down by the realities of his life. In the end, all is set to right when the lovable bear so many grew up loving shows up once again to guide his favorite boy.

The Islands: Release Date (November 9th)

This film is based on the real-life experiences of a Christian who faced literal fire to prove her faith in God. High Chiefess Kapi’olani was Hawaiian nobility during the kingdom’s founding years. She was, in fact, one of the first natives to learn English, as it was taught by visiting missionaries.

In addition to English, Kapi’olani also adopted the missionary’s faith in Christ as her own. This, unfortunately, put her in great conflict with her fellow islanders who worshiped the goddess Pele, who was believed to reside in a local volcano. To prove the validity of her faith and the power of the one true God, Kapi’olani walked on foot into the volcano where Pele was believed to reside. She then returned to her people unscathed with nary a burn mark on her. Kapi’olani’s story told cinematically, is a beautiful example of how Christians can model their faith and break down traditionally held barriers and cultural beliefs.

Visit any of the five movies listed above for a family-friendly movie experience.

~ 1776 Christian

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