117-Year-Old Woman Credits God for Her Longevity

In the Bible, plenty of people lived to the ripe old age of 900. In fact, Methuselah has the record for being the longest living person in the Bible, walking the earth for a total of 969 years.

These days, such longevity is a bit rare. However, Jamaican Violet Mosse-Brown is doing her best to catch up. As the world’s oldest living person, she was born on March 10, 1900 and is currently 117 years old.

In the past, other centenarians have credited their longer than average life expectancy to hard work, alcohol, exercise, or indulging in snacks. Mosse-Brown, however, knows that she’s still alive because of one key factor – her relationship with God.

“This [is] what God has given me, so I have to take it, long life,” she said when questioned about it. She also noted that her longevity stems from “[her] faith in serving God, and believing strongly in the teaching of the Bible.”

A Life Well-Lived

In Mosse-Brown’s own words, she has spent her life involved with the church and was raised as a Christian from birth.

“I’ve done nearly everything at the church,” she said. “I spent all my time in the church.”
In fact, she was baptized at 13 years old in the Trittonville Baptist Church – a life-changing event that occurred over 100 years ago.

As a child, she was actually born into slavery. She worked on a plantation cutting sugar cane as well as a maid in her master’s home.

Eventually, she was set free and earned enough money to buy her own property to start a sugarcane farm. In order to support her family, she walked two days each way to get to the market to sell her produce.

Since her warm welcome into the church, she’s spent her life worshiping God and spreading His good word. She’s been involved in countless endeavors to help the church, including carrying shingles on her head down a mountain to help repair roofing damage to her church. Additionally, she used her skills to become the church organist and choir mistress.

When her husband passed away in 1997, she took over his duties as the record keeper for burials in Duanvale Cemetery. Her meticulous records impressed the Parish Council, and even today, they still use the system she devised for keeping records.

To honor her for her achievements, a group of Jamaican Baptist churches recently presented her with an award for her extreme dedication to helping with children’s and music ministry throughout her community.

Giving Thanks to God

Mosse-Brown is extremely thankful that God has blessed her with such a long life. It’s allowed her to have countless children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to love and support.
However, it’s not only Mosse-Brown that is thankful. Her community is also thankful that God has chosen to let them have her in their lives.
“[Violet Mosse-Brown is] a person of exemplary character and an ardent, dedicated and faithful servant of God, who served her church for more than 80 years in varying capacities,” said The Jamaica Baptist Reporter, regarding Mosse-Brown’s life in the church.

The paper also praised her abilities as a “mentor, historian, disciplinarian, business woman, outstanding church and community leader.”

While Mosse-Brown might not be as active as she once was, she still tries her best. She can walk short distances, sit up by herself, and respond to personal questions about family and life.

Comparing Mosse-Brown to the Bible

So why is 117 considered so old these days, when people in the Bible commonly lived to be so ancient to our current standards? There are many theories out there, but perhaps the most logical one is that before the Flood, people were closer to the original perfection of Adam and Eve.

Since sin is the reason that human beings have to suffer with sickness, discomfort, and death, it makes sense that a purer person would be able to survive longer on earth. Because this generation is living closer to the time that Jesus will return to earth, people now generally live a shorter amount of time.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that earthly age isn’t important at all in the long scheme of things. While it is nice to enjoy this world for as long as you can, the promise of eternal life after death is the only thing that really matters.

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