Will Smith Credits Grandmother for Shaping His Christian Faith

Will Smith, a seasoned actor who has been featured in seemingly countless movies and TV shows, is not only a celebrity but also an inspirational figure on social media network.

He has a huge social media presence where he inspires his followers. The 49-year-old actor is preparing to feature as the “Aladdin” Disney character, which is central to most of his fans’ childhoods.

Recently, he posted a picture of his grandmother, Gigi holding him as a baby on Instagram and spoke of how she has played an integral part in shaping his successful career. He mentioned that his grandmother never condemned or castigated him when he erred as a teenager, and instead she guided him courteously towards the ways of God and how to lead a Christian life.

One particular incident he remembers blissfully is when Gigi advised him to steer clear of using profanity in his rap lyrics, and instead express himself like a smart, intelligent person.

He explained that when he was in his budding years as an entertainer, Gigi came across his rap book that contained rap rhymes full of curse words. Instead of condemning him as most parents or guardians would do to wayward teenagers, his grandmother left him a note on the back of the book advising him to be the smart kid he is, and let people know about it by expressing himself intelligently. He has lived by that guidance throughout his life, and perhaps that is why he has made it this far in the competitive showbiz industry.

Later on Sunday, Smith reiterated that the woman he had nicknamed “Jesus’ girl” shaped his Christian faith and entertainment career with her note. “That was maybe the single most impactful event that has shaped how I have led my career,” Smith said. Gigi made him realize that he wasn’t writing rap rhymes for himself.

Finding Christ at an early age

At 12 years-old, Smith embraced Christian fundamentals that led him to understand that as an artist, everything that he created was going to have an impact on everyone who came into contact with his creativity. The spirit of being an inspiration in other people’s lives was born that day.

He further elaborated on how his grandmother’s love helped him connect with God and grow spiritually; she was his spiritual teacher at the church and the grandmother who always prioritized the well-being of her and grandkids even at Easter presentations or Christmas plays. To date, Smith still believes that his Gigi was the most spiritually certain person that he has ever met in his whole life.

Since Christians believe in the ‘second life,’ he is convinced that Gigi seemed happy when she died because she had faith that heaven was waiting for her. Moreover, Gigi taught him that no man is an island in this sinful world, and as a Christian, he has to learn how to live and love others.

Smith’s childhood was full of the Christian faith, which he has nurtured to this day by leading a Christian life. That his grandmother made him connect with God in immeasurable ways only goes to show how much people can influence your life, whether they know it or not.

Sustaining a Christ-centered life

Finding Jesus has a profound way of changing the course of our lives, regardless of when that awakening moment occurs. However, since you were a sinner in the dark, it is hard to sustain the new found love, Jesus Christ, if you are not motivated.

Hence, just like Smith, you need to find your motivation and ways on how to keep it going. In other words, you have to keep the light shining in your soul to avoid backsliding into darkness.

The secret to keeping your faith alive as a Christian is through constant prayer, through which God will give you the strength and steadfastness of enduring life’s everyday challenges. When you repent your sins or discover the Christian faith, you’ll get excited in the beginning, but with time you may develop the tendency to start taking God’s love and the protection of the Holy Spirit for granted. But, as a true believer, you should surrender your soul to God wholly, and let him be your guide and protector.

God has orchestrated your daily plans and made your appointments divine so that you can get opportunities to represent him such as meeting with strangers who are interested in building intimate relationships with the creator.

Paul wanted to know God better every day even after having been in a relationship with God for thirty years; Philippians 3: “I want to know Christ.” And, since God has promised to be with his children every day in Mathew 28:20 “For, I am with you always, even to the end of the age,” you should constantly pray for God’s Holy Spirit to be with you forever.

~ 1776 Christian

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