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Why Christians Should Care About What Happens to Israel

The Bible refers to God’s people as the “Children of Israel” in both the Old and New Testaments. Today’s modern-day State of Israel contains descendants of that original people group. This historical context regarding the heritage of the Israeli people should make any threat lobbied towards it a topic of relevance for today’s Christians.

However, the heritage of their people isn’t the only reason what happens in Israel should matter to Christians. Read on to learn more about the current issues facing Israel and how they can negatively impact the entire world.

Terrorism and Genocide

Hamas, a powerful Palestinian Islamist fundamentalist group, does not want any peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. Many leaders throughout the years have tried to come up with a two-state solution to create a peace of sorts for the region. Hamas, though, wants anything but that.

In fact, according to the Hamas charter in 1988, the organization wants to “obliterate” Israel and“raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.”

Therefore, threats against Israel from Hamas and others are not good for the rest of the world either as it gives terrorists a natural foothold in a crucial region of the globe.

Promoting Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism has began showing its ugly face once again in Europe, the Middle East, and even North America – and Hamas wants to capitalize on this. If the organization has its way, the Jewish nation of Israel will be wiped off the map entirely.

Of course, the effort to erase the Jewish nation wouldn’t stop at Israel’s borders. There is hate everywhere, and the more anti-Semitic views Hamas can push, the worse Jewish people and those who sympathize with them will have it.

A Dangerous AllianceLast June, Iranian protestors took to their streets chanting

“Death to America” along with “Death to Israel” – echoing the cries of Hamas, an organization which enjoys support in Tehran.

Any collaboration between Hamas and Iran is frightening not only for Israel, but for everyone in the world, including America. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a nuclear-armed Iran would “pose the gravest threat to us all.” He issued this warning towards the United Nations.

Unfortunately, Hamas is already in the process of building an alliance with Iran. Christians in America should be worried about this alliance as Americans are seen as supporting Israel. This is due to many of the policies of the United States and the obvious collaboration between American and Israeli leaders.

Other Threats

In addition the threats already listed, the following are important recent threats and happenings to note:

  • Hamas’ leader threatened to bomb Tel Aviv, the second most populous city in Israel.
  • Hamas communicated to President Trump that it would like to“wipe out Israel.”
  • Hamas met with Iranian leaders, which created concern from U.S. Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt.
  • Palestinian Arabs along with Hamas called on Great Britain to issue an apology for the “crime of the Balfour Declaration.” This declaration, which just marked its 100th anniversary in November of last year, was a letter that proved important in gaining Israel their nationhood.
  • Currently, according to a senior U.S. official, the U.S. is in “a productive dialogue with all relevant parties about an enduring peace deal.”This, of course, refers to an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan overseen by President Trump. It makes sense that efforts to prevent this peacekeeping move will be met with violence from those who want no such resolution.

    The State of Israel, due to its geographic location, is a hotbed of conflict. Both the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs claim Jerusalem as their capital. This conflict has pitted the Israelis and Palestinians against each other for some time now as they have both fought for a homeland of their own.

    The Bible calls believers to pray for peace in Jerusalem in Psalm 122:6, which of course is something all Christians should do. Until the time of peace arrives; however, it is important for all believers to pay attention to what happens in the region as it greatly affects all other parts of the world and God’s chosen people.

~ 1776 Christian

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