Tim Tebow Shares the Gospel at an Airport

Football-turned-baseball star Tim Tebow has been a public inspiration for Christian Americans for a long time. Not only is he very open with his beliefs, but he also has had the opportunity to showcase this on a large scale as a professional athlete and now as a St. Lucie Mets outfielder and an SEC college football analyst.

Despite the massive platform Tebow has on the field, the athlete finds ways to spread the Word of God everywhere he goes.

Recently, Tebow shared with others how he felt that God was calling him to actively minister those in need. In a speech to worshippers at the Liquid Church in Parsippany, New Jersey, Tebow shared a story about how he spread the Word while he was traveling. Tim Tebow works with Liquid Church through the Tim Tebow Foundation to sponsor and host Night of Shine, an event that takes place in February each year and focuses on providing a fun prom night for special needs children. This connection has provided a great relationship between Tim and the church.

In his story to the members of Liquid Church, he detailed to the crowd of approximately 1,000 people that he felt that God called on him to take the opportunity to minister to fellow travelers while he was stopped at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

More specifically, he felt as though God was telling him that he needed to reach out to a man in the airport who was walking with a limp. The man apparently had strep throat at the time, and was not feeling his best. As a result, he admitted to pushing the opportunity to share the love of God to the side. He later began to feel convicted regarding this move, because he used his personal health at the time as an excuse to not listen to what God was saying to him in the moment. As a result, Tebow explained that he took a moment to pray to God and ask for another opportunity to share the love of God with someone else as soon as possible and when the time was right.

Tebow admitted that God did give him another opportunity in the airport when he saw a man who was a military veteran and had prosthetic legs. Once Tebow saw the man, he approached him, thanked him for his service, and then proceeded to strike up a conversation. It turned out that Tebow and the veteran were on the same flight and once Tebow found it out, he offered his first class seat to the man.

He did comment that he would have enjoyed the peace and quiet that would have come with the first class seat — but as a result of trading seats with the man, he was able to minister to even more people. One of the people he was able to speak to in the alternate seating area was a woman who was having some relationship issues. She and Tebow spoke to each other and she ended up unburdening her heart to him.

After speaking at Liquid Church and telling this ministry story from the airport, the ministry tweeted, “Thanks @TimTebow for your inspiring message at our brand-new Broadcast campus.”

Tebow was able to provide a real life example of listening to God. His story provided a lesson of encouragement to the people at Liquid Church, and they have also been prompted to minister others even if they are not comfortable or have not done it very often.

~ 1776 Christian

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