The Pro-Life Miracle of Andrea Bocelli’s Birth

Some of the most important decisions in life begin in the hearts and minds of mothers. And for one Italian woman in the 1950s, the decision to give her unborn baby the gift of life resulted in the birth of an Italian singing sensation who would go on to achieve worldwide acclaim and perform with some of the biggest singing giants in the world.

Decades ago, Edi Alighieri was experiencing abdominal pain, and when she went to the hospital with problems that related to her appendix, doctors gave her some very bad news.

Pregnant at the time, she was told that her child would face serious health challenges such as blindness. Thus she was told she should abort her baby. But she did not follow that advice. Her son, Andrea Bocelli, was later born. Alighieri told the story on a recent episode of the Italian talk show “Domenica in.”

On the show she recalled the details: “They told me to abort; I refused.”

Silver Lining and Life Purpose

Bocelli did become blind at the age of 12, but his condition eventually drew him in to music.

As Alighieri said on the television show, Bocelli was in a Torino hospital years ago for glaucoma treatment, and while there, he met a Russian man who introduced him to classical music. The man listened to symphonies throughout each day.

“Andrea no longer remembered being in care,” Bocelli’s mother said. “He was fascinated by music.”

Bocelli learned to play many musical instruments, but it has been his voice that he has used the most and the instrument that has gained him worldwide recognition. Many people, from laypeople who love music to prominent figures in the music business, have said that Bocelli has the most beautiful voice they have ever heard.

Lengthy List of Achievements and Accolades

Bocelli has shared the beauty of his voice with the world in many live and studio performances. He has recorded 15 albums, which contain both classical and pop genres of music.

He has earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has sold many millions of albums, won Golden Globes and been nominated for numerous Grammy Awards. He has also sung with prominent people such as Celine Dion, in the popular song “The Prayer,” and more recently with Ed Sheeran in a classical rendition of the hit song “Perfect.” Then there’s the 1995 duet “Time to Say Goodbye” with Broadway star Sarah Brightman. Amazingly, that song is one of the best-selling recordings in history and has sold more than 12 million copies.

The Right Choice

In a widely publicized video from several years ago, Bocelli himself told the miraculous story of his birth and reiterated his pro-life stance. He said he’s biased, but his mother made the right choice when she chose to give birth to him.

Bocelli is not the only famous singer, musician or other public figure whose mother has chosen life. Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, was pressured to abort her baby who grew up to become one of the most popular singers in the world. Susan Boyle from Scotland also gained worldwide acclaim for her singing, even though she never would have been born had her mother listened to voices who told her she should abort her baby. The mother of Tim Tebow, the NFL football player who now plays professional baseball and in college won the Heisman Trophy, also chose life against the advice of doctors.

Clearly, Bocelli’s brave mother made the right choice back in the late 1950s when she decided not to follow the doctors’ advice. We can all be thankful for her pro-life mindset, as it brought the gift of her son and his music to the world.

As more people like Bocelli and his mother talk about their stories in public, more women will have the courage to stand against the voices that tell them to abort their babies. When those babies are given a chance to be born and grow up, the sky is the limit. Who knows what contributions those babies can make to the world, if only they are simply given the priceless and precious gift of life. Bocelli and his life prove that.

~ 1776 Christian

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