In a Time of Mass Sexual Allegations, Mike Pence Shines

Early in 2017, Mike Pence had made a statement to the effect that he would not have dinner with any woman other than his wife – unless his wife herself was present. Well, you can guess what happened next: he became the subject of ridicule and accusations of misogyny from the left.

They laughed at him, calling him old-fashioned. They said he was a male supremacist who believed women are beneath him and could not share a table with him unless they were serving food. They accused him of supporting the glass ceiling, saying dinners are a common setting to hash out business deals — so Pence must not think women capable of talking business. They called him a puritanical coward afraid of women in general, and could only bring himself to sup with one he has conquered. They called him every name in the book…

But, so much damage has been done to the left since Trump took office. Much of it has revealed them as everything they accuse others of being, but some of it has revealed those they to be finer than they would have otherwise appeared- and Mike Pence is one of those people.

The #Metoo movement and the many, many sexual allegations of which it is composed, has revealed liberals, Democrats, and other God-less individuals to be everything they have always accused other people of being. They say we live in a “rape culture” where women are treated like sexual objects to be used and consumed by men. They tell us all men and boys are potential sexual predators. They tell people that if they think they are not bigoted, it’s only because they have not looked deeply enough. Beneath it all, their postmodernist, deconstructionist worldview tells them that everything is based on a universal struggle for power and control.

Laboring under this sick set of beliefs, they do not look on logic and merit as being ways to build a finer thing — but only tricks to obtain power and influence. They look on all achievement as conquest. That is why they turn out art made of scribbles, spilled paint, and trash, literally picked up off the street, it’s because to them, any thing of quality is just a means to an end that does not serve them.

They live in a real and actual bizarro world where good is bad and vice versa.

So, they could not possibly do anything other than look down their coked up noses at faithful Christian Mike Pence. Nothing he could possibly do in their eyes would make them happy, because he is not on their team.

But the storm of sexual allegations has given us a window into the world that these critics live in — and it is one that is full of sexual depravity and vice, rank with deception and graft – corrupt to the core and organized by one ruling principle alone; “Admit nothing, deny everything… and make counter accusations.”

Now we know why the left believes all men are dangerous… because the ones they know best ARE dangerous. Milo Yiannopoulos, the former Breitbart reporter, may have said it best when he said, “Whenever someone calls himself a male feminist, you can start the clock on the rape charge.”

In the last few months, the left has tried to counteract the damage to their collective reputation by accusing Republicans of sexual misdeeds. But they’ve been coming up pretty thin. All they have is something Trump said on a bus over a decade ago, and some pretty flimsy stuff about Ray Moore.

In the meantime, more and more of them are going down in flames, and it would be delicious if there weren’t real victims involved.

But the real prize to be had out of all of this goes to Mike Pence, and by proxy to anyone with similar views on moral conduct between men and women. Pence has proven that the “puritanical” rules of conduct given us by traditional and biblical teachings are there for a good reason. They are there not just to eliminate the possibility of sexual abuse, but to prevent the appearance of sexual abuse so that no one should be falsely accused.

Indeed, Pence has emerged as far to the opposite side of the spectrum as a person possibly could, and with the stink that is rising from that opposite side. The vice president could not have possibly come out in finer form.

~ 1776 Christian

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