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Football Players Set an Example to the Nation by Praying for Trump

The Bible says, “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Football players from Alabama’s National Championship team recently put feet to this verse, and set an example for everyone across the nation to follow.

During the customary visit to the White House after winning the National Championship, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team did something a little unexpected. Saturday Down South, a southern sport’s publication, reported the following:

“As the Tide were getting ready to wrap up their visit to celebrate their 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship, Alabama punter J.K Scott offered up a request. He wanted to pray for President Donald Trump and his staff. Scott and several other Alabama players then got the opportunity to pray with the president…”

Christiana, a reporter at WBRC tweeted the following about the incident along with a video of the prayer:

“What a cool moment! JK Scott asked the President if he could pray for him and his staff…”

The example set by the players in such a setting is one of which everyone should take note. While not everyone agrees with President Trump’s decisions, the action taken by this group of young men exemplifies the way to behave, even if a person doesn’t agree with everything politically another person does. Taking the time to pray for someone, no matter their views is an example many adults should follow as well.

Just like the Alabama players, late and much-beloved evangelist Billy Graham also understood the benefit that exists in praying for the nation’s leaders. In fact, his relationship with the presidents throughout history earned him the nickname of “America’s pastor”. He understood one could still encourage and even advise a president even if he didn’t agree with everything they did.

Though Graham likely had disagreements with many presidents throughout the ages, he still remained faithful to pray for the nation, the presidents’ ability to properly govern, and to the presidents themselves. His example, as well as the one set by the Alabama players during their visit to the White House, is an important one for the nation to follow. It’s important to remember that disagreement with someone doesn’t have to equal disengagement, rage or protests and there are ways of handling disagreements apart from protests and violence.

Admittedly, though the incident that took place during the team’s official visit to the White House was good, there was one not so pleasant or admirable action that took place months before prior to the team’s win over Georgia in the championship.

President Trump came out before the championship game and Alabama player Bo Scarbrough was picked up via video by Sporting News shouting what sounds like “F—Trump!” as players were making their way onto the field. It is not clear whether or not Scarbrough was among the players present who prayed with the president. Scarbrough later denied ever having said the phrase.

Scarbrough’s actions, if true, are an example of the typical way people who don’t agree with Trump choose to deal with him – through hate, unkind words and abhorrent actions. Thankfully, some of the team took a stand during their White House visit and somewhat redeemed the team’s reputation.

Whether it’s a fair assessment or not, many teams are judged by the actions of their players both on and off the field. Therefore, the most recent behavior of showing respect and honor towards the presidential office is admirable and worth noting.

~ 1776 Christian


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